The Compost Professor: DIY Instructions

Click here to check out the instructions in video.


You can build an smart temperature and moisture sensor that can automatically send the required data to the compost professor. The cost of this kit can vary from $20 up, depending on customizations.

A list of required components, code, and detailed instructions can be found at

Monitoring Your Compost

Your DIY kit will provide 20-30 readings a day. The compost professor use those reading to provide recommendations on what to add and when to turn your compost.

Getting Status

You can get the status of your compost by returning to Alexa and saying “Alexa, ask the compost professor for status”.

Finishing your compost

When you are ready to stop adding items to your compost, return to Alexa and say "Alexa, tell the compost professor to start the final cycle." This will start a countdown to when your compost will be ready. You’ll need to continue to provide temperature and moisture readings during this phase.

Starting a new batch

You can start a new batch of compost by saying "Alexa, tell the compost professor to start a new batch."

Things you can ask the Compost Professor:

  • What's the temperature
  • What's the moisture?
  • What's the battery?
  • When will my compost be ready?
  • What's the status?
  • What should I add?