The Compost Professor: Manual Instructions

Click here to check out the instructions in video.

Taking the temperature

You will need a thermometer, preferably one with a long probe, in order to take your temperature measurements. Insert the thermometer into the compost in multiple places, and average the reading.

Taking the moisture

You can judge the moisture of your compost with a simple "feel" test. Grab a small handful of compost and give it a light squeeze? It should feel like a "just moist" sponge.

Providing readings to the Compost Professor

When you are ready, return to Alexa and say "Alexa, open the compost professor". Alexa will guide you in recording the readings. You should provide the temperature reading based on the average temperature. The moisture value is qualitative. You can describe your compost as "dry", "moist", or "very wet".

Monitoring Your Compost

You should provide temperature and moisture reading every day. The compost professor will provide recommendations on what to add and when to turn your compost.

Finishing your compost

When you are ready to stop adding items to your compost, return to Alexa and say "Alexa, tell the compost professor to start the final cycle." This will start a countdown to when your compost will be ready. You’ll need to continue to provide temperature and moisture readings during this phase.

Starting a new batch

You can start a new batch of compost by saying "Alexa, tell the compost professor to start a new batch."

Things you can ask the Compost Professor:

  • What's the temperature
  • What's the moisture?
  • When will my compost be ready?
  • What's the status?
  • What should I add?